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See....this is why you do what you do!

I love when u give me a different perspective.

You are God's greatest gifts to me. - Andrea

I absolutely love to see others win!! Helping humans to achieve their goals and dreams is my passion. For as long as I can remember, I have been that encourager, teacher, friend and cheerleader that all of us long to have in our corner. Simply put - it is how I am made. When I decided to step in to Life Coaching, and started the course, it felt sort of weird in that here I was reading and learning and so much of what they taught was what I had already been doing in my life. It was confirmation - this is where I am supposed to be. Now, here you are reading this - that tells me that helping you is what I am supposed to do. So, click the link and let's chat and see where it is you want to go in your life - let's map it out together!

Hey y'all!! I was invited to do 10 PODCAST Episodes on the Podcast Business News Network. I will drop the links for y'all to check in out as I get them. Subscribe or check back here for new ones.

Thank you and I would love to hear your feedback!

I am not ready yet... What can I do in the meantime?

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you have received value and want to bless Amy?

Amy accepts Venmo, Cash App, or Buy Me A Coffee.

(there are also other billing options available for clients.)

What is a Life Coach & Why do I want one?

  • A Life Coach is someone that is not emotionally involved nor has any ulterior motive in your situation, other than seeing you achieve what is in your best interest. That means they are a great non-judgemental sounding board to help you decide what it is you want.

  • A Life Coach is someone that can help you decide which option best fits your needs and desires, whether that is in a career choice, relationship, or other life situations.

  • A Life Coach is a sounding board, when you need to work through something challenging in life.

  • A Life Coach is a guide and navigator that can help you create goals, and then achieve them.

  • A Life Coach can be an accountability assistant to help keep you on track with your goals.

  • A Life Coach helps you see more within yourself than you generally see on your own.

  • A Life Coach helps hold the bar higher with you as you strive to become the success person you are called to be.

  • A Life Coach's guidance can help to remove some of the fear and apprehension when trying to navigate through some of life's bigger challenges.

  • A Life Coach will call you to more, yet always remind you of how worthy you already are.

You don't just want a Life Coach - You need one - Because everyone deserves to have someone in their corner.

Why should I pay to hire a Life Coach?!

  • Honestly, just like bellybuttons - everyone has an opinion and advice - so sure - you could just ask anyone and they will tell you what to do with your future. But... how has that worked for you so far? A Life Coach's entire career is built upon the results of their clients. That means it is a Win-Win, you reach your goals and I have a satisfied client.

  • You deserve the attention. As a Life Coach - I am focused on helping you achieve what you are working for. That means I take the time to listen, to learn, to guide, and to ask the right questions to figure out where the obstacles are, so that we can avoid them.

  • The odds of you getting what you are going after actually are exponentially higher, as well as it happening the first time and faster - just by implementing what you learn from me.

  • When you learn the tactics, tips and tricks that I share - you are able to apply them again and again in your life - which is residual benefit from that initial investment.

  • As a Life Coach, I am dedicated to finding the best ways to help you win. This means that even when we are not in session, I am working on your action plan. I am finding what is going to help you learn the most about yourself; I am digging through information out there choosing what if applied will assist you most; I am creating easy to use (and re-usable) guides to help you and to simplify the steps toward your goals and I am continually evaluating and course correcting your journey with you.

Is there a money-back guarantee?

While life isn't fair - I do certainly try to be.

My initial consultation is free.

During that consultation, we determine if we think we are a fit.

We then discuss the options that we think will best suit you, and we come up with a game plan.

Once all of that is in motion - we choose a package.

This may be a pre-made package, or may be designed specifically to your unique needs.

If at any time during this process it becomes apparent we are not a fit - we just stop and part ways.

There are no hidden charges.

My clients and I develop a high trust level relationship.

This means that if for some reason I feel that I am no longer able to help - I will refund them at whatever amount I feel compelled, up to the full 100%.

What this also means is - if for any reason my client does not feel that I have met their full and complete expectations,

they are to write me at @[email protected] and explain their dissatisfaction and request a refund up to 100%.

There is a form that we will send with questions to be answered, and also verifying where to mail the check.

Any refunds requested, with forms filled out - should be expected within 45 days of receipt by my office.

(Because of the nature of Life Coaching and results - refunds can be requested up to 30 days after purchase of the package.)

That's pretty fair, right?